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Nominations are now open.


You get four fandom slots, eight “character” slots, and four canon helpers.




This should be rather self-explanatory.  Any fandom is eligible.  This includes RPF, original works, and crossovers.  Fandoms based on fan based works will be allowed in on a case by case basis.  For this section you should try and go for the more umbrella level of the fandom such as MCU, DCAU, or Dangan Ronpa – All Media Types.  Fandoms will be further subdivided using Canon Helpers, which is covered in a later section of this guide.



You may nominate any female character or group of female characters under the character field.  If a character’s status as female is uncertain then comment.  I will normally accept it if you make a case where I can reasonably see why you interpret this character as female.  I will also accept non-specific original female characters.  So original mad scientist is fine, Dr. Mean your OC is not.  If a character is confirmed to exist but doesn’t have a canonical gender, for example a wizard that is mentioned but never showed up, they can be nominated.


You may also nominate groups.  This should be in the form of Group: Alice & Sally.  Groups do not imply a specific relationship.  They just mean that the person creating for that tag has to include all the characters.  You may add as many characters as you want to the tag.  All characters in the group must be eligible for that fandom on their own.  Groups must be a clearly defined list of characters.  Don’t nominate Group: Female Avengers, instead nominate Group: Natasha Romanoff & Wanda Maximoff.  Groups should only be nominated in character slots.  Do not put them in relationships.


RPF nominations should not include anybody under the age of 18.  I will not accept non-famous family and friends.  Any RPF nominations can be removed at the request of that individual.  I reserve the rights to reject any RPF on reasons of bad taste. 


Canon Helpers

Canon helpers should be nominated under the relationship field.  The format is CH: Guardians of the Galaxy, CH: Madoka Magica anime series, or CH: Final Fantasy X.  Canon helpers will be used to make sure that you only match on parts of a fandom that you are familiar with.  These will be used for things such as adaptations versus original or  what part of a large fandom do you want.  In order for someone to match to you both of you must be offering and requesting at least one canon helper in common in addition to the normal fandom, character, and medium requirements.  Only canon helpers go in relationships, nothing else.


The advantages of this system is that fewer groups will have to go under crossovers.  It allows both the people that want their fandoms grouped together and the ones that want them to be split apart to be accommodated.  So if you are say only interested in the Agents of SHIELD part of the MCU then you’d select MCU as your fandom, the relevant characters/groups, and then CH: Agents of SHIELD.  Only somebody interested in writing/arting that part of the MCU would be matched to you.  While someone else that wants everybody and everything could also be accommodated. 


If I choose to fold your fandom under an umbrella fandom I will add the canon helper myself.  If you require more canon helpers than what I’ve allowed then comment and I will manually add them in.






If you feel your fandom needs to be split up further than what canon helpers would allow then contact me and explain why.

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