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Sign-ups are open.  I've triple checked all the settings.  You can post your links to your letters on this post.  Make sure to contact me if you find a fandom without a canon helper. 

I've made sign-ups visible and allowed repeat fandoms this year.  You must still have three distinct fandoms in request and four in offers at the time sign-ups close.

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This post will be for adding links to your letters.  Include your AO3 name and fandoms when posting the link.
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I've been reading all your messages both on the post and ones that were sent privately to me.  I'll be finishing up the tagset in the next twenty hours.  For any issues that I haven't been contacted about I will make my best judgement call.  Once sign ups open I won't be making changes to the tagset unless tags wander or become unassociated.

Countdown until sign ups.

For those that want to get an early start, you can post your letters on this post.  If you do not have an account on Dreamwidth then you can ask someone to post for you or you can email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com and I can post it.  When you post your letter include a link to the letter, your fandoms and your AO3 screenname.


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