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All pinch hits will be posted in the comments of this post.  To claim a pinch hit you can comment on here, send me a PM, or email me at halloweenmod@gmail.com.  You do need an AO3 account to claim but you don't need to be a participant.

You can also check out the Google Group for pinch hits.
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Sign-Up Form | Tagset | Requests | Sign-Up Summary

Sign-ups are open.  I've triple checked all the settings.  You can post your links to your letters on this post.  Make sure to contact me if you find a fandom without a canon helper. 

I've made sign-ups visible and allowed repeat fandoms this year.  You must still have three distinct fandoms in request and four in offers at the time sign-ups close.

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Nominations are now open.


You get four fandom slots, eight “character” slots, and four canon helpers.



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If you feel your fandom needs to be split up further than what canon helpers would allow then contact me and explain why.


Apr. 13th, 2017 09:44 pm
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1. Do you prefer fandoms that have lots of related parts be grouped together for ease of requesting and offering groups or separated out to make it easier to request/offer any? I do have two ideas on how to accommodate those that might want only a specific part of a fandom.

EDIT: I don't mean throwing everything under one banner and calling it a day.  I mean more like "MCU - Netflix shows" which would include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

2. If fandoms are merged would you like more nomination slots?

3. Would you rather be allowed to nominate relationships or stick to the current groups method? If I decide to allow relationships that will include any relationship that is comprised of at least 50% canonical female characters. Sticking to groups will maintain the current status quo.


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