Gifts Revealed


All the gifts have been revealed. 

I want to thank the amazing pinch hitters and all the participants who went through my attempt at trying a new system of matching.  In hindsight I did a poor job explaining it, especially since information was divided between two posts.  In terms of actually using the tagset it made things much less stressful for me and allowed me to work quicker.  I didn't notice any problems with matching and nobody contacted me with any issues.  Overall, I like using canon helpers for this exchange.

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Femslash Ex is looking for mods

[community profile] femslashex is looking for new mod(s).  You can read more details about it here.

All Pinch Hits Are In

All pinch hits are in.  Unless I find something terribly wrong or somebody deletes their account we are good for opening at 23:59 Zulu on 30 June.  The collection has now been updated to reflect that it will be opening on time.

Deadline is Past

The deadline for regular assignments has passed.  Pinch hits are due on the 27th.  A small number of extensions were requested and granted.
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Pinch Hit Post

All pinch hits will be posted in the comments of this post.  To claim a pinch hit you can comment on here, send me a PM, or email me at  You do need an AO3 account to claim but you don't need to be a participant.

You can also check out the Google Group for pinch hits.

Sign Ups Closed

The sign ups are now closed and matching is running. 

I will update this post when I send out e-mails to anybody that is unmatchable in terms of their offers. 

EDIT: Matching is done and I've sent e-mails out to the two unmatchable individuals.  If you got an email then please respond before May 22 0100 Zulu. 
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Sign-Ups Open

Sign-Up Form | Tagset | Requests | Sign-Up Summary

Sign-ups are open.  I've triple checked all the settings.  You can post your links to your letters on this post.  Make sure to contact me if you find a fandom without a canon helper. 

I've made sign-ups visible and allowed repeat fandoms this year.  You must still have three distinct fandoms in request and four in offers at the time sign-ups close.

Tagset Questions


All fandoms, “characters”, and canon helpers that I do not have questions about have been accepted or rejected. If you look at the bottom of the tagset you can see there are many that I need to create associations for. If something you nominated was rejected then check to make sure it isn’t already under the tagset under a different name or in the unassociated tags section.

As an apology for my date mix up you may comment with up to two characters or groups on this post for me to add to the tagset. The only stipulations are that they must already be formatted so that I can just copy and paste and it must be for a fandom that is already in the tagset. I will also add any additional canon helpers requested for fandoms that are in the tagset.

I believe I got all the corrections that I was told about. If I missed some or you discover new ones then you can comment on this post.

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Nominations Closed for Real

Sorry about last time.  Thank you to the anonymous person that corrected me.  Nominations are closed for real this time.  I have exactly 40 fandoms left to go through.  I will go through those and do the tagset fixes before making a clarification post.

Nominations (Not) Closed

Nominations are now closed.  I have about 40 fandoms left to go through.  In a few hours I will be making a post with my questions and requests for clarification.  I will also be doing the requested fixes before making that post.

Ignore this post.  There is still 24 hours left of nominations.  I thought today was the eighth for some reason.
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AO3 - Bug

When both character tags and relationship tags are nominated on AO3 the only way I can tell them apart on the acceptance screen is that AO3 lists all of the character tags and then all of the relationship tags.  Because of that I'm only able to catch groups nominated in the relationship slot occasionally.  When I do catch it, I have been manually adding it to the character section myself.  When the group tag is formatted correctly but in the incorrect slot I copy and paste the information to the character section and manually add it in.  I then have to accept the incorrectly nominated tag while changing the name to something else.  If I just reject the tag it will remove the character version from the tagset.  I don't want to experiment with accepting it and leaving it as is.  So, if you find that I've accepted something but changed it to a message or something silly, your tag is in the tagset.  I just needed to accept it with something there to get it off of the que.
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Nominations are Open

Nominations are now open.


You get four fandom slots, eight “character” slots, and four canon helpers.



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If you feel your fandom needs to be split up further than what canon helpers would allow then contact me and explain why.

Groups & Fandoms

In regards to groups versus relationships, this exchange will be sticking to the status quo of individual characters plus groups. In this exchange a group just means that all of the characters in the tag need to appear in the fic or art. It does not imply any specific relationship between the characters.

How to handle fandoms is a bit harder for me to decide on. I’ve read all the comments and have considered all of them. On one hand some fandoms are big and complicated and depictions of the same character can be very different. On the other hand it doesn’t make much sense to me that characters that should know each other have to be put under crossovers just because they’ve never been on screen together, for example Natasha Romanoff and Melinda May. Umbrella canons discourage participants who only know part of it, but they also make it easier for people that don’t want to use multiple slots on the same canon. The same person can have different preferences for different canons.

Taking all of that into account, plus what was said in the comments, I’ve decided that I will handle fandoms completely differently this year. It will accommodate everybody regardless of their preferences, eliminates some issues for me, and will allow me to accept nominations faster if all goes well.

I will post in greater detail later. This is just meant as an informal heads up that something new is coming.
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1. Do you prefer fandoms that have lots of related parts be grouped together for ease of requesting and offering groups or separated out to make it easier to request/offer any? I do have two ideas on how to accommodate those that might want only a specific part of a fandom.

EDIT: I don't mean throwing everything under one banner and calling it a day.  I mean more like "MCU - Netflix shows" which would include Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist.

2. If fandoms are merged would you like more nomination slots?

3. Would you rather be allowed to nominate relationships or stick to the current groups method? If I decide to allow relationships that will include any relationship that is comprised of at least 50% canonical female characters. Sticking to groups will maintain the current status quo.
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Darkest Night

The Darkest Night banner

The Darkest Night is an exchange fest celebrating dark themes in fanworks. Any fandom is allowed, including five-minute fandoms and Original Work. Fic and art are both welcome; the minimum word count is 500 words, and art must be a good sketch on unlined paper.

Check out the schedule and FAQ for more info!

[community profile] darkestnightex, AO3 Collection

Gifts Revealed (Now Posted in the Right Place)

For anyone that participated last year, there was a slight incident where I accidentally revealed the creators along with the gifts.  I almost made the same mistake again this year.  I caught it just in time.  One mistake averted and a whole new one was made.  It really doesn't help anyone to post that the gifts are revealed if I don't post it in the correct community.


More importantly, should I remain loyal to Zulu time or should I switch?  I've been considering the pros and cons of Yankee time.

40 min warning

40 minutes remain until the collection is revealed at 23:59:59 Zulu.

Emergency Pinch Hits

All the pinch hits and extensions came in fine. However I have found an assignment that did not meet the minimum word count.

Edit: Claimed

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