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May. 3rd, 2017 10:19 pm
[personal profile] pumpkinkingmod posting in [community profile] everywoman
When both character tags and relationship tags are nominated on AO3 the only way I can tell them apart on the acceptance screen is that AO3 lists all of the character tags and then all of the relationship tags.  Because of that I'm only able to catch groups nominated in the relationship slot occasionally.  When I do catch it, I have been manually adding it to the character section myself.  When the group tag is formatted correctly but in the incorrect slot I copy and paste the information to the character section and manually add it in.  I then have to accept the incorrectly nominated tag while changing the name to something else.  If I just reject the tag it will remove the character version from the tagset.  I don't want to experiment with accepting it and leaving it as is.  So, if you find that I've accepted something but changed it to a message or something silly, your tag is in the tagset.  I just needed to accept it with something there to get it off of the que.


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