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Apr. 30th, 2017 04:02 am
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General Exchange Faq by [personal profile] bridgetmkennitt

Every Woman is a fanfic and fanart exchange for works involving women. We take a rather broad approach on women. This exchange allows:
-Cis women
-Trans women
-Canon female versions of canonical male characters
-Characters from video games where you choose the gender
-Characters that exist but canon doesn’t reveal their gender
-2nd person works where it is not clearly stated what gender the character is
-RPF of people who identify as female
-Characters that aren’t necessarily women in canon but that a person could make a case for where a reasonable person would understand why they could be interpreted as female.

For modern RPF there are four guidelines:
-Must be over 18
-They can be removed at the request of the individual
-Must not be in horrendously bad taste. I am the sole arbitrator of horrendously bad taste
-Non-famous family and friends are not eligible

Each participant must make either a fanfic of at least 500 words or a fanart at a minimum of nice sketch stage. Lined paper killed my father. I hate it. So fanart should not be on lined paper.

Allowance into this exchange is not meant as a final definitive statement that a character absolutely, 100% female. However, all characters that are nominated should be treated as women in fanworks produced for this exchange.

May 1 - May 8 Nominations
May 9 - 11 Clean up
May 12 - May 19 Sign-up
June 23 Assignments due
June 27 Pinch hits due
June 30 Stories revealed
July 7 Authors revealed

Everything ends at 23:59 Zulu time on the date.

-4 fandoms, 8 “characters” each, 4 canon helpers (more will be added if requested)
-You may nominate a clearly defined group of up to 4 women in a character slot. These should be in the format of “Group: Emily & Victoria”. The ampersand does not state what type of relationship there is between the characters. It doesn’t matter if you want friendship, romance, hate, etc. use an ampersand. You should only nominate characters in a group if all of them would fall under that fandom if separated out. Otherwise it must go to Crossover Groups crossover fandoms. (I really shouldn't copy and paste the previous year's faq)
-Make sure you add the relevant canon helpers to your nomination.  If you need more slots tell me and I'll manually add in the rest.  If your canon only has a single version it is still helpful to me if you add a canon helper.  Crossovers and Original fiction don't require any additional canon helpers.
-Canon helpers are used to make sure that you match on the parts of a canon that you are interested in.  They are nominated under the relationships field and should be in the format of CH: Sailor Moon manga.
-You may nominate crossovers under the fandom Crossover Groups
-You may nominate original characters under Original Works.
-If you are nominating a character that is not a clear cut case of being female then post and explain it
Nominations are open now.

Yes, you can have an extension if you ask me before gifts are due. There is a catch. If you ask for an extension you must complete a penalty gift for any request in this year of the exchange, except yourself, before May 1, 2018 or else you will not be allowed to participate for one round.

-Private message the [personal profile] pumpkinkingmod account on DW or LJ
-Carrier pigeon
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